Product Main Category: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Autonomous Conversion Kit For Lift Trucks

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Product Main Category: Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)


Fork Over AGV-Pallet mover
Counterbalanced - Forklift AGV

Navigation technology

Laser-guided navigation (LGV)
Natural navigation (SLAM)

Role in the market

First installation of the solution (year): 2020-07-15
Number of installations (customer, company) of the solution in operation: 2

Pricing model

Rental model
Project based

Maintenance service areas

Hotline and support
On-site service and maintenance
Remote Maintenance

Application areas (Process)

Warehouse Management

Application areas (Operational)

Work safety
Material, product tracking

Target customer structure


Target customer production structures

Project based manufacturing
Variants manufacturing
Series manufacturing
Mass manufacturing

Supported production models

Discrete Manufacturing
process manufacturing

Industry focus

Manufacture of dairy products and ice cream
Manufacture of tobacco products
Manufacture of wearing apparel
Manufacture of paper and paper products, printing
Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
Plastic products
Manufacture of glass and glass products, Manufacture of ceramic products, Nonmetallic mineral processing
Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus
Wholesale of electrical household appliances, telecommunication appliances
Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods, medical and othopedic goods
Electrical household appliances and musical instruments
Freight transport and storage
Transport and logistics services

Number of employees (Fit)

10-19 employees
20-49 employees
50-99 employees
100-249 employees
250-499 employees
500-999 employees
1000-4999 employees
more than 5000 employees

Typical project budgets (licences and implementation)

up to ca. 25.000 USD

Typical duration of an implementation project

"Plug & Play" (max. 2 weeks)
Short duration (up to app. 2 months)
Transolt Teknoloji A.Ş.
Transolt Teknoloji A.Ş.
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