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Product Main Category: Industrial Internet of Things (IoT-IIoT)

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Product Main Category: Industrial Internet of Things (IoT-IIoT)

Areas of Expertise

IoT-IIoT Software Development
IoT-IIoT Application Development
IoT-IIoT Networking
IoT-IIoT Gateways

Role in the market


Pricing model

Project based
Price per device

Maintenance service areas

Hotline and support
Supply of bugfixes and updates
Supply of new releases
Online portal for knowledge management
On-site service and maintenance
Remote Maintenance

Application areas (Process)

Information Technologies
Engineering - R&D
Project Management

Application areas (Operational)

Data collection
Data analysis

Target customer structure


Target customer production structures

Project based manufacturing
Single unit, small series manufacturing
Variants manufacturing
Series manufacturing
Mass manufacturing

Supported production models

process manufacturing

Industry focus

Highly specialised vertical (very few sectors)
Medium specialisation (selected spectrum of sectors)
Sector-independent solution
Agriculture, hunting
Mining and quarrying
Processing and preserving of meat and production of meat products
Manufacture of dairy products and ice cream
Manufacture of beverages
Manufacture of tobacco products
Manufacture of other food products (e.g. Manufacture of fish, fruit and vegetable products)
Manufacture of textiles
Manufacture of wearing apparel
Manufacture of leather products, shoes
Manufacture of wood and of products of wood (except furniture)
Manufacture of paper and paper products, printing
Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
Rubber products
Plastic products
Manufacture of glass and glass products, Manufacture of ceramic products, Nonmetallic mineral processing
Manufacture and initial processing of iron and steel; Manufacture of ferro-alloys and NE metals
Manufacture of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings, of steel
Casting and Foundry Industry
Manufacture of fabricated metal products
Manufacture of machinery and plants
Machine Tools
Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines
Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery
Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners
Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
Manufacture of non-domestic cooling and ventilation equipment
Manufacture of metal forming machinery
Manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
Manufacture of domestic appliances
Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery
Manufacture of office machinery and equipment, Electrical and Precision engineering
Manufacture of communication equipment
Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation
Manufacture of optical instruments and clocks
Manufacture of vehicles, Manufacture of parts and equipment for vehicles
Manufacture of motor vehicles, parts and equipment for motor vehicles

Typical duration of an implementation project

"Plug & Play" (max. 2 weeks)

Application Development Tools and Platforms


Communication/middleware technologies


Platforms (IoT, IIoT) used for data storage and processing

Software AG

Supported languages (GUI, user interfaces)


Supported Industry 4.0 standards

IEC 61131 (PLC programming (PLC Open))
IEC 61784 (IEC Fieldbus (Profibus))
IEC 62443 Industrial System and Network Security security)

Supported data transfer/integration standards

File transfer
Databese (SQL, Oracle,…)
Web Services
Balluff Turkey
Balluff Turkey
Company Details
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Company founded (year)?: 1921-01-01
Company's head office location (Country): DE
Company's head office location (City): Neufahrn in Niederbayern

Number of Employees

Head office: 15
Country wide (Total): 15
World wide (Total): 4000

Offered services

Digital Transformation Consulting
Network Implementation & Configuration
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